Gordon Klingenschmitt has already stood up to liberals to:


DEFEND all your Constitutional Rights, especially First & Second Amendment rights


CUT the size of government, reduce spending, and lower taxes


REVERSE government-controlled healthcare and restore free market efficiency


PROTECT the elderly and innocent children from abuse and fetal homicide


REPEAL bogus "Common Core" education standards and put school choice back into the hands of families


REDUCE the bureaucratic overhead that hurts small businesses, jobs and taxpayers


Gordon's Pro-Freedom Legislation:



Gordon introduced a bill to repeal "Obamacare" in State Law HB15-1163, reversing HB13-1266 that added Obamacare to State Law


2nd Amend't: Gordon introduced a bill HB15-1127 to protect "Concealed Carry" permittees and business-owners who allow citizens to self-protect 


1st Amend't: Gordon introduced a bill HB15-1161 to protect bakers and artists who want to opt-out of government-compelled speech or government-enforced religion.  Gordon is a former Navy Chaplain who defends freedom of speech and religion for people of all faiths


Common Core Repeal: Gordon introduced a bill HB15-1208 to repeal "Common Core" education standards and get Colorado out of the PARCC Consortium


Smaller Government:  Gordon introduced a bill HB15-1044 to repeal and sunset outdated business regulations, and to promote economic freedom - Jobs! 


Spending Cuts/Tax Cuts:  Gordon introduced largest spending cut in 2015 budget, $52 million, and defended TABOR against Democrat violations. Liberty first!

Vote for "Commissioner Gordon"
    Republican Candidate for
El Paso County Commissioner, D2

Delegates! Watch Gordon's Floor Speech:


Charity Leader: Non-profit leader serving the community since 1999

Cares for Elderly: Chaplain at three nursing homes cared for elderly

Disaster Relief: Raised $ for Boulder Flood, Black Forest Fire, Haiti Quake 

Former Navy Chaplain: Took a stand for right to pray "in Jesus' name," sacrificed career but vindicated by Congress, two honorable discharges 

Educator: Taught college at CCU for three years

Religious Freedom: Sent 5 million petitions to Congress, helped change bad laws/policies in 13 states

National TV host: Aired 1200 programs satellite network in 54 million homes

Pro-Life: Organized Personhood initiatives 5 states defended preborn

Pro-Family, Pro-Israel, Equal Rights: Member NAACP since 2014 

Faithful Husband: married 27 years to same beautiful Colorado gal

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Twice rated most conservative State Representative from El Paso County by Principles Of Liberty

Taxpayer Champion: best legislator rating by Colorado Union Taxpayers for lowering taxes, defending TABOR

20-year Veteran: Air Force Academy Political Science (4), former Navy Chaplain (5), Nuclear Missiles + Intel USAF Major NORAD/SPACECOM (11)

PhD Theology (Regent U.): Bible/Theo Faculty 3 years Colorado Christian U.

Business Leader/Jobs Creator: MBA founded two successful corps,

met payroll, balanced budgets, Mgt Consultant to 3 and 4-star Generals

Fmr Top-Secret Clearance: Served as Intel Officer daily with DIA/CIA/NSA. Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Wartime Service: Volunteered for demotion to serve as Chaplain, Deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom on USS ANZIO, won six awards and best in Navy for community service

Founded and led Charity serving thousands of poor, since 1999

Listen!  Tom Tancredo for Gordon:

Gordon was twice rated #1 most conservative legislator from Colorado Springs, Taxpayer Champion, "A" Liberty Scorecard.

Fmr Elected Legislator, 20-year veteran, Air Force Academy graduate, fmr Navy Chaplain, PhD Theology, fmr College Faculty at CCU, MBA Business Founder, Charity Leader, serves orphans-widows-elderly-homeless-veterans, National TV host. Read Gordon's full resume, HERE.

Gordon's Navy documents prove Vindicated by Congress

after taking a stand to pray "in Jesus' name"


"Gordon Klingenschmitt takes a lot of heat because he lives up to both the oath he took as member of the state legislature AND the oath he took as a chaplain for his church. I believe he has been true to both and 'taking heat' goes with the territory.  I like the way he  stands up under pressure." --Tom Tancredo


3-Star General Jerry Boykin endorsed Gordon, read!




                     Alan Keyes for President endorsed Gordon. Listen-->

State Senator Lambert confirmed Gordon will cut taxes.  Listen-->          


        Colorado Right to Life confirmed Gordon 100% Pro-Life.  Listen-->


VIDEO: Gay Democrat says Gordon was not evil afterall


Gordon's Questions for the voters of El Paso County:

1) Why is El Paso County sales tax (1.23%) higher than Boulder (0.985) or Denver (0%) or Pueblo (1.0%) Counties? 

2) Why do county commissioners earn $120,485 per year, when the median citizen income is $29,000?  3) Why have county sales taxes increased 25% in six years? 4) Why do leaders complain of fiscal crises, then raise all bureaucrats pay? 5) Why are only $4m of the $375m budget going to direct county road improvements?  6) Why is our county becoming a 'sanctuary' for lawbreakers?  7) Why does state government infringe upon our gun rights? 8) Why does state government attack TABOR; who will defend it?  9) Why not elect conservatives who cut taxes to county commissioner? 


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