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The following people formerly endorsed Gordon Klingenschmitt in 2014 when he ran and won election for State Representative in House District 15.


Add YOUR two sentence endorsement by emailing your full name, title and your quote to: 


"Please vote for Gordon Klingenschmitt in upcoming county assembly, the Republican primary, and the general election. Gordon has my full support, and I pray he has yours too."  READ FULL ENDORSMENT HERE.

     William G. “Jerry” Boykin, LTG (Ret.) US Army



"I have no fear in offering my unqualified endorsement of Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt to the fine voters of CO HD 15. I have been in many conservative battles with Gordon, and he is a man of proven integrity, proven courage and proven faith in God Almighty. In his service to you, his fellow citizens, he has ever done his duty with God’s bold call on his life and with unwavering devotion. Gordon will serve you well in Denver; I pray your support for this fine man."

Alan Keyes, Ambassador and former Presidential Candidate


"Gordon Klingenschmitt has demonstrated to me strength of character and resolve to maximize our individual liberties.  He is definitely a warrior who will fight the constant intrusion of government which constantly erodes our freedoms.  “Thank You,” Gordon for your willingness to represent us." 

Fmr. Colorado Senator Dave Schultheis


“I like Gordon Klingenschmitt!  His Academy and military experiences have nurtured a mental toughness to stand and fight for conservative principles when others don’t.  We need that in the Colorado General Assembly.” 

Colorado Senator Kent Lambert


"Gordon Klingenschmitt is a proven leader who has the principles and values we need in the Colorado legislature."

Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg


"Today, we are living in a climate of moral and financial confusion.  Gordon Klingenschmitt will help direct the State back to principled conscience and economic prosperity."

Colorado Senator Vicki Marble


Will Perkins

Mary Harold

Col. (ret.) Cecil Charles

Ed Bircham

Ted and Audrey Beckett

Don Rodgers

Dawn Rager

Bob Adelmann

Brent Barney

Frankie Bennett

Retta Blodgett

Debra Cecil

Dorcas Collins

Dale Comyford

Renee Davis

Lynne Dolan

Richard and Hedy DuCharme

Barbara Elem

Skip Engelbrecht

Christine Glaeser

Rev. Michael J. Hahn

Ray Haley

Theresa Haley

Summer Hamdeed

Robert T. Harold

Steven Hasbrouck

John Heimsoth

Mark & Jeanne Hornberger

Darlene K. Hoffacker

William Kannenberg

Sherry Kelly

Paul Klahn

Dan Klute

Judith LeDean

Jim Linzey

K. David Nelson

Jon Neumann

Marcia Oppermann

Bill Roy

Peter Selvig

Greg & Sheila Schulz

Rick Schulte

Greg B. Shannon

Igor & Kathy Skrastins

Lori Thompson

Jerry Underwood

Ellen Wadman

Floyd F. Veatch


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